LiGHTHOUSE TC, Skalka 22


10th  – 16th June,  2013, Skalka u Doks, Czech Republic

Global Playground took part in the training Lighthouse that explored sustainability from the angle of a downscaling economy… not only by talking about the concept but also practicing it and living it – in the eco village!!!

Lighthouse course was about:

  • Exploring possibilities of decreasing the costs instead of searching for more money
  • Learning about communities, using local resources and lightweight lifestyles.
  • Experiencing approaches to work and life that make it efficient, sustainable and joyful and more…

We exist in an ever changing world with many of us involved in the social field and working with young people and communities finding ourselves over estimating our capacity. Dealing with diminishing resources, time and often receiving little financial reward or recognition can result in the potential growth in frustration, lack of satisfaction and eventually burn out.

This training programme aimed to introduce and explore alternative strategies and opportunities for personally and professionally living with limited resources that can be sustainable for us and our work. The training focused on the personal and professional, the inner and the outer look to explore sustainable strategies and opportunities for spending less (in terms of time, materials and financial) and becoming an example for healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle and approach to work.

In few words, it was a sustainability quest, tasting nature, art from the kitchen (true meatless miracles!), inter-tribal communication, triangle balance, treasure flute, super powers and hero journeys, sharing and caring, showering together, community experiment, so beautiful.

Find more about the course and SKALKA 22




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