Free eco-tours Stockholm

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Come and join us for the free walking tour (approx. 1.5 hours) in Södermalm where we tell you about sustainable and ecological aspects of the city. We meet at Stockholm Stadsmuseum, just outside the T-bana station Slussen.

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Discover Stockholm with our FREE eco – walking tours!

Our guided walking eco- tours in Stockholm are totally free so that everybody, regardless of their budget, can discover eco-aspects of this amazing city. Our expert guides shows you the sites and tells you the eco facts during our interesting and entertaining 1,5 hour walking tours.

Our tours are absolutely free – there are no fees. If you like it you may tip your guide, that’s it.
So, you ask yourself, how can a FreeECO Tour get such raving reviews?
Because our entertaining, devoted, knowledgable and unforgettable guides work only for tips, they’re guaranteed to do their very best during every tour. They’ll never pressure you to tip, even though they don’t get paid any other way. We believe that if our guests decide to give money, it should be completely voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveler. We’re always working to make our tours better, and our guests more satisfied, both because it’s more fun to give a great tour than an average one, and because the better the tour, the more tip for the guide! 

Show Up, Walk the Tour, Enjoy Stockholm!

No need for reservations! 
You don’t have to book in advance or pay any fees to participate in our tour, all you need to do is to show up. Pretty easy, right?
We meet at T- Slussen near Stockholms stadsmuseum

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