Swedish Institute Alumni Event

Stockholm-Minsk research dialog on Sustainable Lifestyle and Urban Development

November 26, 2013, Minsk

Alumni event has been organized again in Minsk. This time the event under the title “Sustainable Lifestyle and Urban development” has been held at Gallery of Contemporary Art “Ў”.


The three-hour programme included a short presentation of all guests, share their experience and interests in Sweden; the report on the project “New Urban Topologies”; the report on the sustainable district of Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm; group work on how to improve ecological situation in the city of Minsk; mingle followed by concert of a famous Belarusian singer Tatsiana Belanogaya.

The audience got acquainted with New Urban Topologies, got to know (from Vera Sysoeva – the main speaker of the event) what it is when and how it is organized and what for it is organized as well as its main aim.


Aleh Kliatsko presented Hammarby Sjöstad as the example where all ecological ideas were put into life and showed how once the worst urban district could be changed, what steps for that were and could be taken and what ideas will be implemented in the future.


Co-work is an important part in any business. Polina Vardevanjan, Minsk city planner shared her experience she got in Sweden and explained how even some of the ideas can be implemented and what the starting point for that is.

The group work was an essential part of the event. The group work let everyone put and express their ideas about the ecological situation and its improving.


There wasn’t anyone who stayed away from this work. Total dedication and great enthusiasm were shown at the end of discussion.






The closing event was the performance of a famous Belarusian singer Tatsiana Belanogaya who sang her own song in Belarusian as well as presented songs written to the verses of famous Belarusian poets.



Thank you everyone who has visited the Alumni Event and taken part in it. We hope that you got useful ideas there and we hope that all the ideas will be put into life.


Mikhail Kaptjug, Marina Krilova, Aleh Kliatsko

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