Global Playground goes sustainable fashion

“Uniforms for the Dedicated” is a fashion brand that puts sustainability in the core of everything they do. Together with creativity and art, clothing produced by the brand gets new meanings. Global Playground wanted to share inspiration with its members and took opportunity to invite them to Uniform’s store located on Södermalm.


The company was started in 2007 by the group of young people coming from different professional backgrounds, primarily the art.


The first impressions one can possibly get while reflecting on the name and slogan of the company “Uniforms for Dedicated” is a message contained inside of it, which seems to appeal to you by saying “dress smart – be engaged, make a difference”. This is so because the company is one of the few within its niche that has sustainable approach to creating its products, meaning using ecologically sustainable or recycled material. Dedication, creativity, inspiration and respect to the environment are the core values driving companies founders, who say themselves about their approach to working in the industry and their ideology: “By creating products and projects we believe in, within the fields we enjoy, in a manner we can be proud of, we aim to inspire ourselves and others without ever compromising our core value of treating the Earth with respect.”

This time (4 September 2013) company shared its inspiration and experience with Global Playground youth inside of its cozy store that was designed and built by its enthusiastic owners themselves and opened in September 2012. Company’s representative Michael Lind told Global Playground about the foundations and mission of “Uniforms for Dedicated”, people staying at its heart, production and designing aspects of companies work, its customers


After taking an initial excurse into the company’s history and everyday work, curious Global Playground youth asked the speaker own questions. Some were interested in the production and design aspects, what kind of material is used, where it comes from. Others were interested to know who the customers of the company are.





The tour into sustainable fashion industry continued with an interesting and interactive exercise. Young people were divided into two teams and were suggested to think together and exchange thoughts about sustainability issue one more time. The first group reflected more generally on the meaning of the expression “live sustainable” and brainstormed how we can achieve sustainability in everyday life. At the same time, the second group took a role type task approach to the issue how to achieve sustainability in the field of fashion by imagining yourself as a manager driving a clothing brand. Both groups produced interesting and creative solutions and ideas that they exchanged among each other.


This is how our exciting tour into the sustainable fashion industry was made. New knowledge, ideas, inspiration and of course social interaction as usually accompanied us during and after visiting “Uniforms for Dedicated”. Not to mention of course positive emotions and great mood that we give to each other all the time!



by Roman Lisovenko

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